The Web Push Service

The bundle provides a public Web Push service that you can inject this service into your application components.
In the following example, let's imagine that a notification is dispatched using the Symfony Messanger component and catched by an event handler. This handler will fetch all subscriptions and send the notification.
The SubscriptionRepository class is totally fictive
namespace App\MessageHandler;
use App\Message\SubscriptionExpired;
use Symfony\Component\Messenger\Handler\MessageHandlerInterface;
use Symfony\Component\Messenger\MessageBusInterface;
use WebPush\Notification;
use WebPush\WebPush;
final class SendPushNotifications implements MessageHandlerInterface
private MessageBusInterface $messageBus;
private SubscriptionRepository $repository;
private WebPush $webPush;
public function __construct(MessageBusInterface $messageBus, SubscriptionRepository $repository, WebPush $webPush)
$this->messageBus = $messageBus;
$this->repository = $repository;
$this->webPush = $webPush;
public function __invoke(Notification $notification): void
// Fetch all subscriptions
$subscriptions = $this->repository->fetchAllSubscriptions();
foreach ($subscriptions as $subscription) {
//Sends the notification to the subscriber
$report = $this->webPush->send($notification, $subscription);
//If the subscription expired
if ($report->subscriptionExpired()) {
//We dispatch a new message and expect for
// the subscription to be deleted
new SubscriptionExpired($subscription)