The Status Report

After sending a notification, you will receive a StatusReport object.

This status report has the following properties:

  • The status code

  • The notification URL (refers to the push service provider)

  • The links for push notification management

Depending on the status code, you will be able to know if it is a success or not. In case of success, you can directly access the management link (location header parameter) or the links entity fields in case of asynchronous call. In case of failure, the response code indicates the main reason for rejection (invalid authorization token, expired endpoint...)

use WebPush\Subscription;
use WebPush\Notification;
use WebPush\WebPushService;

/** @var Notification $notification */
/** @var Subscription $subscription */
/** @var WebPushService $webPushService */
$statusReport = $webPushService->send($notification, $subscription);

if(!$statusReport->isSuccess()) {
    //Something went wrong
} else {

One of the failure reasons could be the expiration of the subscription (too old or cancelled by the end-user). This can be checked with the method isSubscriptionExpired(). In this case, you should simply delete the subscription as it is not possible to send notifications anymore.


if($statusReport->isSubscriptionExpired()) {