First of all, thank you for contributing.

Bugs or feature requests can be posted online on the GitHub issues section of the project.

Few rules to ease code reviews and merges:

  • You MUST follow the PSR-12 coding standard.

  • You MUST run the test suite (see below).

  • You MUST write (or update) unit tests when bugs are fixed or features are added.

  • You SHOULD write documentation.

  • You MAY follow the PSR-5 and PSR-19.

We use the following branching workflow:

  • Each minor version has a dedicated branch (e.g. v1.1, v1.2, v2.0, v2.1…)

  • The default branch is set to the last minor version (e.g. v2.1).

To contribute use Pull Requests, please, write commit messages that make sense, and rebase your branch before submitting your PR.

Your PR should NOT be submitted to the master branch but to the last minor version branch or to another minor version in case of bug fix.