The Web Push Service

The WebPush object requires a HTTP Client and an Extension Manager.

use Symfony\Component\HttpClient\HttpClient;
use WebPush\WebPush;

$client = HttpClient::create();

$service = new WebPush($client, $extensionManager);

The service is now ready to send Notifications to the Subscriptions. The StatusReport object that is returned is explained here.


use WebPush\Subscription;
use WebPush\Notification;

$subscription = Subscription::createFromString('{"endpoint":"[…]AAAAAAAAA","keys":{"auth":"XXXXXXXXXXXXXX","p256dh":"YYYYYYYY[…]YYYYYYYYYYYYY"}}');
$notification = Notification::create()
    ->withPayload('Hello world')

$statusReport = $service->send($notification, $subscription);

In this example, we load the Subscription object from a string, but usually to retrieve the Subscription objects from a database or a dedicated storage.

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